Operation Windmill International is an environmental non-profit organization dedicated to lighting up the lives of children worldwide. Our first stop is Haiti. We have teamed up with the MISSION OF HOPE IN HAITI to utilize wind and solar technology to replace an antiquated diesel fuel system thereby providing more funds to expand future mission services.

The MISSION OF HOPE is a registered not for profit United States and Haiti based missionary organization providing Christian outreach facilities to the Haitian people. The Mission is located on 70 acres near Titanyin just outside the capital of Port au Prince on the North West side overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Ocean.

The MISSION OF HOPE has a school, orphanage, medical clinic, sanctuary, administration office and resident facilities. Its school implements an accredited educational curriculum in which 1200 pupils, grades pre-K through 12, have an opportunity to expand their horizons. The orphanage is home to 47 needy children, who are nurtured, provided with daily meals, clothed and sheltered. Just a mile away in Titanyin are two additional orphanages that receive daily care from Mission of Hope.

The newly constructed 2,400 square foot doctor-staffed clinic is undergoing equipment stocking and will soon be ready to serve thousands of the local village community monthly. The sanctuary seats 1,400 and provides a place of Christian worship on Sunday. Resident facilities provide on site housing for foreign missionary workers who provide support to the Haitian missionaries.

Currently The Mission of Hope is spending $6,000.00 US dollars per month in diesel fuel to provide electricity to the above-mentioned facilities with combustion driven diesel generators.

A master plan is being prepared for a cost savings model using wind turbine generators, solar panels and diesel generators to take advantage of Haiti's daily wind and solar resources. Direct savings in the order of 50% will result from this hybrid power plant system installation. These funds could then be re-routed to provide new and expanded services to The Mission of Hope.
System Description

Currently the mission's electrical generation systems consist of a 900 square foot generator building, which houses (1) 125-kilowatt diesel generator. The building has adequate space and existing accommodations for two more supplemental and backup power generators a battery storage and inverter room. Outside the generator building is a power pole riser, which holds two transformers that are fed by the existing diesel generator.

These transformers are used to step up the voltage and more efficiently distribute power through the main electrical lines that are three-fourths of a mile long and span the length of the property. At various points along the electrical line step down transformers have been placed atop the power pole risers so that usable low voltage alternating current can be brought into the buildings. Inside most of the buildings Inverter/chargers and direct current battery banks have been installed to provide alternating current power when the diesel generator has finished its daily dusk to dawn duty cycle.

The proposed hybrid electrical system will consist of (3) 40-kilowatt wind turbine generators installed on (3) 160 tilt up guyed towers that do not require a crane to erect, (1) 33-kilowatt photovoltaic array, a series of existing DC to AC inverters and newly purchased battery storage system (s).

The power plant system will be computer controlled and operated in such a way to first take advantage of natural wind and solar resources at the mission. Electrical energy from the wind turbines and solar panels will be stored in individual battery banks, which are connected to inverters that power individual buildings located throughout the compound.

In times where not enough energy is stored in the battery bank the appropriate size diesel generator will automatically be started to supply uninterrupted power to the mission facilities while also providing charging power to the battery banks. At pre-determined times or when the battery bank have reached their proper charging level the diesel generator will automatically shut off and the inverters will resume converting DC power from the battery bank to AC power.


o (3) Aeroman 40 kilowatt pitch regulated wind turbine generators
o (3) 160' Tilt Up Guyed Wind Turbine towers
o (86) 175-watt photovoltaic solar panels mounted on storm proof fixed pedestals
o (1) Leiburt 52 kW power inverter/chargers
o (64) Surrette 6.6 kilowatt lead acid deep cycle batteries

o Available instantaneous electrical demand 125 kilowatts continuous (generator set only)
o 120/240 volt 3 phase and single phase service
o Calculated annaula generation from wind turbines: 76,650 kilowatt hours
o Calculated annual generation from solar panels: 30,000 kilowatt hours


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